Wilderness Weekly 1.19.18


This week contained a lot of days where we were able to work on skills together. We had another new student join us this last week, and all three first campers are making progress towards getting into main camp. Overall the group seemed to be bonding closer together this week, and opened up more than previously. There were many stories told and laughs to be had.


The Gnowees tackled many hard issues this week including body image and positive coping. Two new members arrived in their group and the girls have welcomed them into the group with kindness and enthusiasm. One of the members of the group was given the position of leader and has been leading the group with empathy, humor and grace and today the leader was honored with the token Winged Heart to mark the hard earned love and acceptance that she’s worked to find with herself and her loved ones. The girls practiced silence several times this week and took two silent meditation hikes that culminated with member lead gatherings about their experiences.


The Dingos hiked three times this week in addition to one day hike. They have been working hard on busting, with most group members able to bust a coal. One of the students was honored with the Winged Heart token and another student assumed the role of leader of the group. They have been focusing on the theme of Vision this week, not only understanding the meaning but also creating visions for their futures. The group is finding more cohesion and finding ways to better support each other’s physical and emotional needs.


The Brumbies welcomed three new members to their group earlier this week. The boys enjoyed games such as “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish”, “Guess Who” and “Everybody’s It”. Three key members of the Brumbies were preparing to leave this week and went on solo. In a beautifully made bora ground, a new leader was chosen for the Brumbies. The new leader of the group ended the week by being honored with the Vital Fire token. Two staff members were also honored with the Seeker and Solid Ground tokens.


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