Wilderness Weekly 1.25.19


Brumbies:  It was another excellent week in the Brumbies.  Although it is always bittersweet given how good it is to see our friends move on to the next chapter in their lives, we said goodbye to some long time members of the group. We always wish the best of luck to those who head on to their next adventure and hope this message stays with them. The Brumbies managed to push through the weather we had this week and finish strong. Snow, rain, cold, you name it, we had it. That being said, we also enjoyed the lunar eclipse, which just happened to be a blood moon. When the Sun was shining, we gathered the snow to have some epic snowball fights. Our friend, Thoughtful Daddy-longlegs had one of the most emotional parent visits we’ve seen in a long time.

Over the last couple of days, the boys have gotten in busting shape. They’re working hard, and three of them have already busted. Overall, the week was very good. The group is in a very good place, and we are looking forward to another great week in the Brumbies.

Gnowees:  The Gnowees had an eventful week. We hiked three times and endured some interesting weather. We experienced a hail storm and a snow storm in one week. Through it all we focused a lot on “heart at peace” and “heart at war” and two group members even lead a gathering about it for us. The Gnowees welcomed in two new members with open arms, as they say goodbye to their eldest member, Healing Treasure. The group will be looking ahead and moving forward as they rebuild the Gnowee culture with old members leaving and new ones starting their journey.

Dingoes: The Dingoes had a strong week of hiking and with the varying weather patterns that came our way. One Dingo was recognized during a ceremony and received a token. Another Dingo was able to honor his parents and stepdad with tokens during his Parent Visit. The group worked together on busting and completing their busting sets. The Dingoes also shared a ton of laughter amongst the group as they played a lot of Zoogle this week.


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