Wilderness Weekly 1.26.18


We got 2 new Gnowees! With 3 girls in first camp the group dynamics are shifting. One girl got out of first camp with two on the cusp of joining main camp. Celestial Sunrise had a heartfelt parent visit and got to give her mom and step dad tokens, Brightness and Solid Ground respectively. Sunrise also acted as a mentor to the new girls, teaching them the ropes of Outback, while still having fun. The girls had a snowball fight in the snow one day and 3 tokens were given this week. Celestial Sunrise received Making Amends, as well as became group leader. A new Gnowee received the Giver token, for her kind, giving nature. Rising Moonlight received the Strong Cord token, shortly before leaving the group to move on with her journey.


The Dingos had an exciting week with 4 parent visits that happened this past Tuesday! Patient Vibration honored his Mom with the Strong Cord token and his Dad with the Giver token.  Playful Platypus honored his Mom with Winged Heart. Curious Kitten honored his Mom with the Vital Fire token, and our final student honored their Dad with the Strong Cord token and Mom with the Giver token.  Two of our students also were honored with token ceremonies this week – one receiving Maker, and the other receiving a special combined token of Brightness and Vital Fire.  Curious Kitten, our resident feline-fan, received his fitting trail name this week.  We played lots of games, made a number of snowmen, and befriended our camp site’s resident blue jay, who spent lots of time hanging around our Main camp (lovingly named “Timmy” by the students).


The Brumbies hiked four times this week, with the hike Wednesday being the strongest and most fun. They thoroughly enjoyed going downhill with the wind behind for most of the way. Two Brumbies received tokens – Brightness and Seeker, while during a Parent Visit, parents received Giver and Solid Ground. There were lots of riddles told and one student was super excited to see snow falling for the time in his life. He tried putting both powdered milk and Gatorade on the snow to see how they would taste. Turns out its wilderness ice cream and a snow cone.


We saw a lot of transition this week within the Uluru group. Numerous students made it through the initial challenges and are happy to be part of the Uluru group and culture. The group has a new and dynamic leader and we are hopeful he will develop his leadership skill to further his growth. One of the senior Uluru will be departing and while everyone is excited for him and his continued journey, they will be sad to see him depart the group; at the same time, one of the newer members of the Uluru is starting to see the value of the therapeutic tools provided and is talking about interest in practicing these new tools.


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