Wilderness Weekly 1.5.18


The girls celebrated the New Year in style. They hiked strong navigating physical and emotional challenges and supported each other in staying honest with themselves while going deep in conversations. The girls thought long and hard about the parts of themselves and their old lives that they want to leave behind in this new year and explored the many things they want to invite in. One of our newest members was honored with a trail name and we have now welcomed Celestial Sunrise into the group.


The group this week experienced some unseasonably warm weather. One Dingo received the “Peace Walker” token to commemorate their ability to maintain peace within the group. Another Dingo rejoined the group after a really successful family expedition and reclaimed leadership from his fellow Dingo. After a therapy-oriented day hike, the group spent time working on their trail skills and made several cool new items including a possibility bag, a spoon, and a couple of precious stone necklaces. Our newest member successfully made it out of first camp and as of Wednesday we have a new and amazing group member to add to the Dingo clan!


The Brumbies celebrated New Years Day by climbing a mountain atop the sheep rock mountains with a 360 view of the valley spotting past campsites and the vastness of the desert. Upon the request of a student, the group made huge strides in opening up to each other sharing past experiences and diving deeper into their therapeutic journey.



On New Years Eve the group hiked to the top of the mountain and let go of 2017 and set intentions for 2018. They really bonded as the Full moon rose along the horizon. The group came together to give a student a trail name on top of a mountain. In gathering one night the group set goals for their future and symbolically used a piece of cordage to symbolize that strive for change in their lives. The group felt lots of comradery.


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