Wilderness Weekly 10.11.20

Gnowees: We enjoyed the coming of autumn and the new month with star-filled skies followed by bright moon rises. One Gnowee received her trail name Interstellar Stardust. Another received the token Strong Cord. WE also had the chance to welcome in a new member of the Gnowee group from First Camp. One of our hike days we day hiked to the top of a hill to play games and have a gathering by the sunset. Two of the gatherings this week were student-led, and the rest were led by staff. Each morning the students got into the routine of writing Gnowee pages and having a morning meditation. Jessica Jo, Primary Therapist, led an initiative at the beginning of the week called Helium Stick, which turned into a great theme for the girls to remember throughout the week. It gave them the challenge to focus on their own part in a group goal instead of being so harsh and focused on others.

Ulurus: The group this week was actively engaging in supporting each other. Every student worked towards their personal goals of being able to make fire from their bow drill sets, and members of the group offered advice and encouragement to those who were having a difficult time having success. On Saturday we had the opportunity to peak a mountain in our field. That day we all had fun looking at the beautiful view and pushing ourselves physically. At our last campsite, the boys had the idea to dig a huge hole. The hole ended up being about six feet deep! As always, the group bonded during mealtime cooking over our fire stoves, making jokes and reflecting about things that happened during the day. The Ulurus are a strong group who are deepening their friendships every day. 

Goannas: The Goannas started off the week by doing a day hike to peak a nearby mountain. Making it to the peak was a challenge for the group, yet well worth the effort each Goanna put into the challenge. We celebrated the accomplishment by doing colorful face painting on each other. As the week progressed, and amid several successful hikes, we had gatherings focused on family. We discussed the view we had of the relationships we have with them, why they are important and how we can work to continue their growth. The group had many conversations about group culture and how they can grow and support each other throughout their journey. 


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It was a quiet week in First camp. The group enjoyed the beginning of cool Fall evenings and sunset hikes. The group woke each morning to mooing from a neighboring herd of cattle. They spent the afternoon constructing their backpacks and spoons and prepared to head out to the groups they will be a member of for the remainder of their outBACK journey. Evenings were spent playing socially distanced games and asking questions about the days to come.


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