Wilderness Weekly 10.13.17


The girls this week talked about identity, delving deeper into who they are and who they want to become. During a difficult hike, potentially their most difficult yet, the girls joined hands in a gesture of solidarity and mutual support, though the sun had gone down making the last bit of the hike more challenging they still arrived at camp hand in hand. Towards the end of the week, one of the Gnowees held a ceremony to honor the memory of her grandmother who recently passed. That same Gnowee later received a token honoring the progress she has made in creating a plan for her future. Finn, a beloved field dog, got a token too! And a new Gnowee joined the group today, giving another of the Gnowees her first opportunity to mentor a new student. It was a week of giggles and of growth!


The boy’s groups had a great week getting to know the newest members. The group also honored an older member of the Goannas with a trail name. Students and staff came together to honor a beloved staff member with the Brumbies token for his time, efforts, and character traits. Creativity abounded with meals this week and some members of the Goannas showed off their culinary skills by cooking burritos for the group.


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