Wilderness Weekly 10.13.2016


The Brumbies fully supported their new leader after the old leader graduated the program. The new leader stepped into his new role in the first day with enthusiasm and vigor.

The Brumbies romped through the sagebrush and juniper trees with the goal of tagging each other in the games of “Everyone’s it” and “Camouflage.”

Brumbies donned their chef hats and learned how to make sweet and savory breads on a glowing bed of coals during dinner time.


Sunday night Aries came out to do group with the girls. The group consisted of a game at sunset. The girls spent the evening running around and hiding on a hill overlooking the beautiful sunset and mountains.

 The girls spent a few days on solo this week where they were required to build their own shelters and were in charge of their own person.

 Wednesday’s hike consisted of a beautiful downhill hike overlooking the mountains to the West. The girls were in great spirits as they had just come off solo and could talk to each other again.



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