Wilderness Weekly 10.15.21


The Goannas had a week of rebuilding and restructuring with new leadership in place. The focus of the group was on creating a safe environment for all members to be able to work individually and together to process and move forward in a healthy way while at outBACK. The group was able to see individuals for who they are and grow in understanding to be able to help one another. The change in weather created opportunities for group cohesion and teamwork as each member worked to manage the environmental elements safely and even enjoyably for some. Members of the group made possibility bags, finished their A-frames, as well as quiver kits. As the week went on, vulnerability increased and gatherings grew in meaning and pertinence. The Goannas are on the verge of learning how to thrive regardless of the elements that are thrown their way. Several new members joined the group towards the end of the week and are integrating nicely. And lastly, snow forts and snowball fights were great ways to celebrate and unwind after a lot of hard work this week!


The Cassowaries had a trying week due to the wild weather conditions, however, they managed to persevere through it all with great attitudes. The Cassowaries did incredibly well hiking this week through the scenic west desert. Additionally, the Cassowaries worked hard during skills time and busting hour as a group. Staff and students alike received tokens and were recognized for their efforts this week. The students in the group received the strong cord token, and staff members received the vital fire, giver and journey keeper tokens respectively. Additionally, one student received their trail name; Divine Aurora. All in all, the Cassowaries had a great week with lots of laughter, creativity, hiking, and overcoming hardships


The Brumbies started off the week with a trail name ceremony where Spirited Lightning was given their trail name by their fellow students. One of our hikes during the expedition portion of the week was delayed due to the change in weather. The Brumbies, however, were able to resume the following morning and finished a great hike through the beautiful west desert with determination and enthusiasm. The Brumbies thoroughly enjoyed skills time and busting as a group. They had the chance to experience their first snowfall of the season as a group; handling the weather with steadfast resilience, and laughs. Overall we had a terrific week in the desert!


This week was a time of warm, and sometimes rainy, welcomes. We began our week welcoming back some of the fellow Ulurus who spent the past week on their peak adventure therapy week, and we had a chance to welcome a new member to the group. We ended our week welcoming some snowfall and yet another new member to the group; all of which were met with enthralling and exciting energy from the students. The Ulurus moved as a cohesive collective in the desert, trekking through the elements with determination. The Ulurus had gatherings on the subjects of safety, integrity, vision, collusion cycles, and family and each student had a lot to contribute. The students arrived, witnessed, and conquered the weather, the elements, and the challenges that came before them this week with a spirit of grit, determination, and victory, which comes as no surprise to those of us who have been able to witness their blazing glory.

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