Wilderness Weekly 10.19.18

Dingoes: The group practiced teamwork, received trail names, tokens and worked on conflict management. This week was filled with a plethora of day hikes to some amazing spots with beautiful views. These views allowed for great opportunities for trail names and token ceremonies. A hand cart used in Utah settler times was brought out for hikes requiring the students to utilize communication and coordination. The group has developed a closer bond as a result of experiencing some moments of conflict during group challenges. The Dingoes practiced managing these tough feelings and resolving conflicts with a foundation and reminder of care for all members of the group.

Gnowees:  We had a group solo this week! In order for the girls to be able to focus on themselves and get away from the distractions of the group the whole group went on a solo in order to delve deeper within themselves and explore issues pertaining to both them and the group. Each member received a token that represented the gifts they brought to the group. Fiery Crystal received journey keeper for setting goals for her life and going after them with tenacity; Fierce Riptide received openness for being able to be vulnerable with the group and staff consistently; Rising Phoenix received winged heart for overcoming hardships and growing from them; Seeking Starfish received brightness for the joy she can bring to the group. When the Gnowees then came back together everyone was ready to share accountability for the direction of the group and became stronger and bonded further. A staff had her birthday in the field, where the students gave the staff a token, truth speaker, and her trail name, Serendipitous Supernova.

Ulurus: The Ulurus had a fun week in the desert. They completed several long hikes with grit and brotherhood. The Ulurus welcomed one new member into the group. Two brave Ulurus completed their first camp assignments and were welcomed into the main group. Additionally, the group prepared to say goodbye to two members who complete their journeys at Outback this week. Ulurus worked hard this week on their bow drill sets and completed a busting challenge posed by the therapist. As a reward for all members busting coals and blowing into flames on their own sets, they got to cook potatoes in oil in a cast iron to make fries! The clinical theme this week was Vision, and the Ulurus took time to reflect on what visions they have for their lives in three months, one year, five years, and ten years. The group also had great discussion on regrets and resentments they hold in their lives, and reflected on how they may resolve these situations. The Ulurus focused on taking five to ten minutes each day to journal their thoughts, experiences, and feelings. One fierce Uluru was honored with the extra special Uluru token, which is not given frequently. Three other Ulurus were honored with the tokens Giver, Brightness, Vital Fire, Strong Cord, and Journey Keeper.


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