Wilderness Weekly 10.19.20

Photo Credit: Scott Jones, CMHC
Primary Therapist
Adolescent Boys Group

Gnoweess: The Gnowees started the week off with a ceremony honoring a fellow Gnowee of the accomplishments and growth she has had throughout her journey at Outback. The remainder of the week centered around the four pillars and strengthening the group culture. The group held a gathering allowing one another to honor each other in how they represent the pillars. The Gnowees completed three challenging hikes this week, remaining positive and supportive at times when others needed breaks. The group also took time this week to intentionally work on their busting sets and bust with integrity. 

Ulurus:  The Ulurus were able to begin their week by honoring two of their group members with two new trail names; Burning Brumbie and Funky Monkey. When hiking this week the group collaborated to hear each other’s needs and develop a hiking system that supported each other’s success while hiking. Unfortunately during one of the hikes, one Uluru lost something he held dear to his heart. In order to help and try to retrieve the item, the team came together for a day hike in order to look for it and were able to find it on the trail. When facing challenges within the group dynamic, the group showed immense efforts to work towards having a heart at peace in order to resolve conflict. By the end of the week the group members reached harmony that helped them navigate the transitions within the group that occurred at the end of the week. The Ulurus were able to conduct a concluding token ceremony in which one member was honored for brightness and another honored for solid ground. Within this sacred ceremony was held to say goodbye to members of the group. Although we experience the difficulties that can come with saying goodbye, the group was able to spend time reminiscing on fond memories and giving good hopes for each other’s futures.

Goannas: The Goannas had a challenging and rewarding week. The group experienced a shift in dynamics; older Goannas beginning to transfer leadership to the newcomers while expanding and changing the group’s culture. The Goannas were able to work through group conflict in a healthy manner while developing their communication skills and practicing vulnerability with one another and staff. The group completed several successful hikes throughout the expedition portion of the week and one enjoyable day hike where they collected willow for new packs and chopsticks. The group honored and supported one another emotionally and physically, giving out three tokens and leading several meaningful gatherings. By the end of the week, the group made massive strides in strengthening camaraderie, understanding one another, and supporting each other throughout their respective therapeutic journeys. 


Check Out What’s Happening in 1st Camp @ outBACK

This week the group had lots of fun playing games like contact, werewolf, and Frank Sinatra. The students also spent time in first camp learning new skills such as carving spoons, sewing leather for backpacks and getting creative on the stove with new meals. The group experienced the array of exciting fall weather here in the high desert. It was overall a really fun week filled with laughter, learning, and new experiences.


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