Wilderness Weekly 10.20.17


At the beginning of the week, three Gnowees were honored with token ceremonies, receiving Journey Keeper, Brightness, and Vital Fire. The group all agreed to an early morning (5:00am!) hike, and enjoyed a beautiful sunrise while hiking up Red Pine. The Gnowees also chose to celebrate two Gnowee staff members with two additional token ceremonies, giving them Solid Ground and Openness. The group had two new girls join us this week, with one of the new members successfully busting a coal on her second full day with the group! Our newest group members spent time carefully crafting spoons, Puwakas, and the beginnings of their packs. The group also had a fun time playing games and singing (lots of Moana) throughout the week.



The Goannas had a really challenging but successful week. We saddled Indian Peak—quite the feat! The boys worked well together and supported each other through struggles and successes throughout the week. One of these giant lizards received Vital Fire for giving his all through thick and thin and for almost always maintaining a really positive attitude and a great sense of humor. Two of our fellas had successful parent visits and returned to the group this morning. The Goannas celebrated a staff and gave them a group token with a beautiful and heartfelt ceremony. The group had two new members join on Monday and two other members successfully transitioned from First camp to Main camp with the rest of the group. The week was spent laughing, singing, including a bust-off and a potato fry—all in all it was a great week.


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