Wilderness Weekly 10.20.2016


One of the Lorikeets was honored with a token ceremony this week in a beautiful Bora ground. Field guides called out some of her greatness as well as gave a personal challenge to keep pressing into what it means to be a peace walker.

Parent visits are one of the most healing and pivotal moment for a student and we had two visits this week! Needless to say, there were plenty of hugs, tears, and real moments to encourage our Keets on.

The Lorikeets peaked a group favorite. Indian Peak started with a hard challenge and ended with beautiful sights and peaceful hearts.


During one of the hikes this week several of the boys swapped packs with each other to see what it feels like to carry another person’s burden.

Students came in close contact with a band of wild horses mid-hike one day this week which is symbolic because their group name ‘Brumbie’ which means wild horses in Australia.

The boys got up close to a very large tarantula at camp one day and all thought it was very cool and creepy wandering aimlessly through the desert.


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