Wilderness Weekly 10.22.21

Photo Credit: Scott Jones, Primary Therapist


This week started with some less than ideal weather and the group got an early taste of winter. The group did a great job persevering through the snow/rain and still accomplished all of their daily tasks as well as a 4 mile hike! After several hikes during the expedition portion of our week, we decided to attempt to peak the highest mountain in the field known as Indian peak. Unfortunately, we were not able to summit due to time concerns and various weather conditions. With some extra time we were able to honor one of our group members with his trail name Endearing Moose. The group finished the expedition part of our week with a final pack hike down a ridge line of Indian Mountain with a beautiful view of the entire winter field.  Once we made it to the therapy site where we would layover for several days, we took some much needed personal time to work on ourselves and our ngarnas. The group had some interpersonal struggles and was able to have mature discussions and resolve our issues. Our last focus was on our busting sets and the groups busting culture.


The Cassowaries were a fierce and mighty group this week. Conquering everything from the cold to our hikes with much humor and enthusiasm. We gathered together daily to warm ourselves along our massive fire pits sharing our best creations for warm dinner meals. The cold weather and the struggles with it brought such a strong bond between the Cassowaries. We sat together basking in the snow capped mountains surrounding our sites. We spent the days at therapy site working on therapeutic assignments like bull roars, ngarnas, letters and more. Students were stoked to find out they would be joining each other on their Peak Expedition the upcoming week! Lastly, we honored one of our staff with the trail name Serene Opal on her 5th month at Outback!


The Brumbies added a new member to the group during the beginning of our week together. The group had some struggles with efficiency and motivation with the new snowy and wet weather. Despite those struggles, the Brumbies pushed through all of their hikes during the expedition portion of our week with the Brumbies making a valiant effort to peak Dutch Peak. They made it up steep inclines even as the gusts of winds were not always in their favor. We turned back with about a half mile left but the Brumbies are hoping to give Dutch another effort this coming week. One of the guides was honored with the peacewalker token, and several students held gatherings and morning meditations this week on topics such as; giving, openness and selflessness. They put a lot of thought into these and it was beautiful to hear their thoughts and wisdom on life. They also enjoyed staff led gatherings and really put thought into some of their struggles in relationships they hold in their lives and how they can look at them with more of a heart at peace. 


The Ulurus had yet another fantastic week where the members rallied together and supported one another in the midst of challenges. The Ulurus had their first taste of colder weather this week and had the opportunity to see how beautiful the Utah desert looks with some snow! Experiencing colder weather after being used to the summer heat can definitely be a jarring transition, and the Ulurus seized the opportunity to utilize resilience and positive coping strategies in the midst of new challenges. The Ulurus were excited to welcome new members into the family this week! Several group members were honored with tokens and resilience beads throughout the week. Overall the Ulurus had a very positive week where they were able to not only experience growth from a therapeutic sense, but also grow tighter as a community. 

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