Wilderness Weekly 10.23.20

Photo Credit: Trevor Allen
Primary Therapist
Adolescent Boys Group

Pindaris:  The Pindaris had an amazing week this week! The Pindaris were a very student led group this week, logistically and emotionally.  The students were proactive and worked through group conflict with each other as it arose; much of which contributing to a great and peaceful week. One of the Pindaris received his trail name this week, Majestic Snowflake, in a very special trail naming ceremony which he was not expecting. The Pindaris did a peak hike this week in the Simpson Mountains and some of the boys made new pack frames out of willow they found on the way back from the hike. As the weather has been shifting to cooler temperatures, we have been reading bedtime stories at night before tucking in for a warm sleep. One of the students has been creatively making up stories on the spot!

Gnowees: The Gnowees had a fun full week of team-building. They honored a departing Gnowee with the Brightness token as she moved on to her next step. One student was honored with the trail name Glorious Tiger. We had a day hike without carrying packs up a canyon to deciduous trees. It was a beautiful scenery for a ceremony. One student received Maker and another Vital Fire. They had a chance to cut spindles for fire-making, look at an old mine from the road, and see a beautiful sunset over the mountains on the way back to site. On the next hike staff was honored with the trail name Guiding Monarch, and another staff with the Giver token. The next morning a ceremony was called to honor a student with Making Amends, and another received their first token, Winged Heart. Staff and students led gatherings including team initiatives, parent visit recaps, core beliefs, and mindfulness of choices. These Gnowees enjoy games and skills time, and they are productive during personal time working on goals.

Ulurus:  This week was an incredible week for the Ulurus. Early on, the group experienced some transitions and the elder members of the group quickly stepped up and guided the newcomers gracefully through the process. We were in a beautiful spot in the field this week, with streams of water, which provided patches of willow, strong sage plants and cottonwood trees. Every student was able to use the resources to better their equipment, such as backpacks, fire sets and spoons. It was awesome to see the students take the opportunity to hone their primitive skills. During the week we also had the opportunity to peak a mountain. The terrain was rough and steep yet the group members encouraged each other and rallied around those who needed the encouragement. The views were beautiful and the trek was well worth it. The students are becoming great hikers which gave us time to play a lot of games and have some heartfelt gatherings. All in all the group grew significantly this week and the Ulurus have become stronger and more unified.  

Goannas: The Goannas had a challenging week. There were many opportunities to resolve conflict in which the group was able to accomplish. The group pushed each other physically, emotionally, and mentally this week as they hiked and navigated the ups and downs of the group. The week gave way to building new bonds, deepening friendships, and experiencing personal triumphs. We saw many groups of deer passing through our camp making our days more exciting. Searching Bigfoot received brightness for being the sun in the sky of the group as he begins his new journey. 


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All is quiet this week in 1st Camp. All of the students transitioned into their main groups this week and staff had a chance to come together as they await the incoming students set to start their journeys here at outBACK.


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