Wilderness Weekly 10.26.18

Dingoes:  The Dingoes had an action-packed week with 3 students embarking on their first solos in preparation for their Parent Visit. All three were able to make fire on their own and two students received tokens (Winged Heart and Solid Ground). We welcomed a new Dingo into our community and bid farewell to another one. The weather was beautiful all week and we hiked three times with the hand cart, which the students are now becoming adept at maneuvering. We spent time during skills perfecting our busting sets for making fire, one student even experimented with using yucca spindles. We had a number of meaningful gatherings around the fire on bullying, fear, and two students shared their Placement Letters from their parents.

Ulurus: Great week for the Ulurus! The beginning of the week the Ulurus said bye to their senior members who left for peak week. With the identified seniors gone, space for other Ulurus to shine in leadership roles was created. While the new leaders settled into place, the group welcomed two new members. And, as one can imagine, with new members came more opportunities for mentorship. The group excelled early in the week with long hikes making fast time through the desert. They ended the week arriving at their therapy site 17 miles away from where they started earlier that week! At the therapy site the students got comfortable in a camp they would be staying in for a few days. While they focused on discussing cognitive dissonance within group and individual therapy sessions, the students also celebrated two achievements of group members. Both achievements were marked by outback ceremonies; one for a student being honored with a trail name and the other being honored with a token for his personal development.

Gnowees:  The Gnowees had a very eventful week. We had two students on Peak Week leaving two students to enjoy some nice hikes in new areas. We were able to set up at a beautiful therapy site with great sage bushes for spindles and willow trees for sturdy backpacks. The students also enjoyed some nice day hikes. There was a great deal of personal growth and tokens to honor this hard work.


Peak Week – Adventure Therapy @ outBACK

This week we embraced some rain, climbed one day, rappelled into a porthole in a limestone cliff in St George, and played on a bunch of rocks in a canyon on the Red Reef trail in Red Cliffs. We went into a cave in the lava tubes and problem solved in hot springs that were initially not so hot. The magic we experienced together through experiencing new things and pushing through hard things helped set the tone for a week of fun and adventure, and put into perspective what life is really all about.


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