Wilderness Weekly 10.26.19

Dingoes:  The week began with a bit of storming in the group.  Many of their challenges with relationship were coming out and it gave way to organic opportunities in which our field staff provided guidance and support around how to repair connection after conflict. The Dingoes said goodbye to those who were preparing to enter into the next chapter of their lives. During this transition in group dynamics, the Dingoes examined their collective identity in the absence of these members. Later in the week, the group had found their stride and hiked to a hot spring on the way to our next site. Although the hot spring ended up being cooler than expected, the overall consensus was that the adventure was in the journey rather than in the destination. During a friction fire competition, one student was able to get a fire even after dipping his fire kit in water, and another student finished an amazing bow and got a chance to fire some arrows! Many Dingoes were honored this week and some of the presented tokens included truth speaker, openness, solid ground, openness and peace walker. 

Gnowees: The Gnowees had a full week with a couple of Gnowees being honored with the tokens Brightness and Vital Fire. Our therapy site was on a beautiful hill overlooking mountain views and the group made an intentional focus on honing their busting skills this week when there was time after hikes. A few of the girls were even able to get coals on their own for their first time! While those in the main camp worked on therapy assignments, skills, and busting, we had a couple of Gnowees who placed their focus on completing their bullroarers and picking out beautiful solo sites for parent visits. We also had our first camper who worked hard and finished her full A-frame backpack, and during staff exchange, we welcomed a new member into the group. The girls are looking forward to another good week!

Brumbies: We had to say goodbye to a few students as they ended their Outback journey. This was, however, followed quickly by the welcoming of new Brumbies into the group! We experienced a challenging hike this week yet the boys helped and supported each other and pushed through until the end. We were able to have time for some great skills after we gathered willow and cotton-wood and new backpacks and fire sets were successfully made. Throughout the week, Brumbies enjoyed games of capture the flag, sitting around the fire, and discussing better ways to communicate and recognized strategies on being less defensive when communicating and coming from a place of curiosity. One of the Brumbies was honored with the Brumbies token in a heartfelt ceremony where all opened up and shared their feelings. 


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