Wilderness Weekly 10.27.17


The group worked very well together this week. Students were able to have a lot of autonomy, and even ran the day on Tuesday. We hiked a mountain on Thursday. Two new students came in this week, giving many opportunities for peer mentoring. We had a site with an excellent view and were able to give an astronomy lesson. Everyone has been very motivated with their assignments and creating friction fire. Overall it was an excellent week.


Utah wilderness trees and mountainsGnowees:

This week was an exciting week for the Gnowees. They hiked in true “sun goddess” fashion, rocking 3 hikes in a row. We honored two of our Gnowees with trail names, welcoming Resilient Coyote and Whole-hearted Butterfly to our group and after a huge amount of personal growth and sharing, we gave the Openness token to another group member. They completed the week with a busting challenge and competed with each other to bust a coal with the opposite hand.


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