Wilderness Weekly 10.27.2016

October 27, 2016 | 0 comments

Lorikeets: Today as the girls got to the peak on a sunny day the view was amazing and the girls read their vision statement they had created for the next 6 months of their life. They took pictures and laughed as they danced atop the peak.

Group meal with the girls went really well. They all opened up about their feelings and shared some of their greatest fears and hopes for their future. 

 During workshop the girls were in an open field talking about some of the hardest things they have had to go through and opened up with each other on how they have coped and how they hope to change their coping to more healthy ways.


The Brumbies are working together better as a team as they pack up and hike together.  The group stepped up strongly and supported each other in their challenges this week.  On Monday night students discussed concerns that they were having and were open with one another.  One of the Brumbies to a great leap and shared with his peers some vulnerable information and the rest of the Brumbies responded with compassion and understanding.  Then a beautiful firestorm of vulnerability rushed through the camp as each member of the group shared something vulnerable. 

One Brumbie moved on this week and the group banded together to create a token for him to remember this time and the friendships he made.

The students did a phenomenal job on Tuesday with Jason exploring the nature of who they truly are; in their heart of hearts. They had a fun time doing the Looking Glass assignment in which they were able to give honest feedback to one another about how they see each other. All ended that group with gratitude for humor and for an emotionally safe group in which to explore the more vulnerable aspects of our identity.

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