Wilderness Weekly 10.4.20

Photo Credit: Trevor Allen
Primary Therapist
Adolescent Boys Group

Gnowees:  The Gnowees had a challenging yet introspective week, better understanding the four pillars (honest, open, willing & respect) and building better communication with one another. The Gnowees completed several hikes, remaining motivated and supportive of one another when there were challenges along the way. They honored one another throughout the week with tokens and intentional gatherings centered around group dynamics and the four pillars. Overall the Gnowees had a positive week, challenging each other and themselves.  

Ulurus: This week we started off with busting challenges and a goodbye gathering for Proud Wolf. Throughout the week we went on many hikes through the Keg Mountains. We planned our hikes around the sunset each night and experienced the chillness of the evening and the wonder of the stars. During our hike days, we welcomed new members into our group this week. One of our focuses of the week was on prioritizing craftsmanship when it came to building shelters. We honored two students with tokens (letting go, and Giver). We also ended the week with a goodbye gathering for one of our staff and gave him his trail name (Wise Bedouin). 

Goannas: The Goannas had a challenging and rewarding week. The students gained new members to the group and did an excellent job at transforming the group culture and welcoming the newcomers. The Goannas completed several difficult hikes in good time, encouraging one another and supporting each other physically and emotionally throughout. The Goannas honored one another throughout the week, giving out four tokens and holding multiple meaningful gatherings as well as one powerful goodbye ceremony. Overall, the Goannas challenged each other to grow emotionally, physically, and mentally, as they progressed throughout the week. 


Check Out What’s Happening In 1st Camp @ outBACK

We had a busy week in first camp with several students busy and focused on building their pack frames and straps. The students were very excited to learn how to build and create their own backpack. Our students also spent time busting coals with one experiencing the incredible feeling that comes with blowing a coal into flames for the first time! The week brought us beautiful sunsets that were enjoyed by all. Everyone seems to be settling in and transitioning into desert living.


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