Wilderness Weekly 10.5.18

Dingoes:  The Dingoes said goodbye and sent well wishes to a Dingo as he completed his journey at Outback. The group overcame challenges during several hikes this week which ended up strengthening them as individuals and as a group. Two Dingoes finished First Camp and were welcomed into the main group while another Dingo was just beginning First Camp and his journey here at Outback. Two Dingoes were celebrated during two token ceremonies honoring strength and brightness. All the Dingoes worked very hard on their busting sets this week, working through frustrations and ultimately getting fire.

Ulurus:  The Ulurus had an insightful week in the desert. Each hike was completed at a quick pace, and members were quick to support those who were struggling. The Uluru are strong hikers! Leadership in the Uluru was passed along, as two members completed their Outback journeys. Additionally, the Uluru gained one new member, who has been working hard on his first camp assignments. This week, the clinical theme was Identity. Members had a day long solo time to contemplate and complete assignments relating to “What it Means to Be a Man”, and reflect on what masks they wear to the outside world and themselves. The Uluru each got to make dreamcatchers and reflect on helpful and unhelpful dreams they have had for themselves. Three Uluru members were honored with the tokens Openness, Solid Ground, and Giver. The week ended on a strong note, as the group completed a “ghost challenge” where they had to pack up camp, hike, and set camp up without staff assistance. Overall, there was much growth and laughter to be had!

Gnowees:  One student received a peace walker token this week for remaining calm in stressful group situations. She was able to give support to people in the group without involving herself in the conflict. The group was able to work through group conflict to grow the culture of the group with being aware of tone and communication styles. Another student received her trail name this week, Seeking Starfish. The group had some beautiful star gazing when they were able to sleep under the stars.


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