Wilderness Weekly 10.5.19

Dingoes: Dingoes were pushed physically and emotionally during two hikes this week. With the challenge of the hikes, the students also experienced a boost of self confidence and self worth through their accomplishments and perseverance. Custom tokens were made by staff and given to students who and they were honored for their ability to come out stronger on the other side. The dingoes expressed feeling very connected to one another and vowed to continue to support each other along their growth at Outback. We explored our dreams and their meanings in the mornings along with breathing exercises to prepare for the day. Great meals were cooked with bread and tortillas around a fire during beautiful sunsets. Several newcomers along with those returning from peak week added a new dynamic to the group and everyone is very excited to welcome them to the Dingo family. There was a tremendous amount of growth throughout the week and the group became stronger together. 

Gnowees: The Gnowees had a wonderful week with some of the newest Gnowees busted coals and blew into flames! One day, the group had a challenging four mile hike yet with a strong and persistent effort, they were able to push through in order to complete it. Afterwards, they were able to have some fun discovering their “Patronus Animals” and focused on the qualities within themselves that related to them.

We also did a day hike to the top of some gorgeous cliffs near our campsite, and had a ceremony to unite the group and honor what each member contributed to the group. The two most veteran Gnowees found out they would be moving on to the next chapter of their journeys and it propelled them to focus their efforts into mentoring the newer students. One of the students received the trail name of “Evolving Evergreen.” We enjoyed a fun wrap up to the week with many celebrations. One student received the “Giver” token and the “Journey Keeper” token, and another student was initiated into the main group after transitioning from first camp. 

Brumbies: This week with the Brumbies we CRUSHED our hikes! We pulled an uphill 6 mile hike in less than three hours! This hike allowed us to have a rest day where we worked on possibilities bags, therapy assignments, and ngarnas. Once we got to our therapy site, some of the students took time to process some news they received in their letters. Although they experienced moments of internal conflict as they processed the news they had received, these Brumbies worked to shift their perspectives and showed up with intention and focus as they engaged in a welcoming ceremony for the new brumbies who joined first camp. This bora ground was the most beautiful the staff had ever seen. This week we also gave out six tokens and even had the chance to present a challenge token. If that was not enough, we even had an olympic game day! This allowed the group to play capture the flag, billie ball, and finger jousting.  


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