Wilderness Weekly 10.6.17


Two first campers completed their tasks and were welcomed into the Gnowees. The eldest Gnowee had a parent visit and honored her mother with the Solid Ground token. With the cooler weather, the girls were also super excited to have REAL cheese, instead of powdered. The girl’s also had a blast sharing a ton of laughs around the fire.


A new camper arrived in the Goannas on Thursday, and has begun working his way through First camp with the assistance of his peer mentor. The Goannas held a “Desert Dolphin Secret Spoon Exchange” (like a Secret Santa), where students and staff drew names, crafted spoons for each other, and presented the new spoon to them at the end of the week.

wilderness therapy guide playing guitar in the desertA group staff received their trail-name, Insightful Songbird, and was thrilled about it and another was named the new leader of the group on Wednesday morning and was honored with a ceremony, Leadership token, and face-painting.  Our new first camper also brought musical talent to the Goannas, and student’s and staff enjoyed lots of instrument-playing, singing, and laughter throughout the week.


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