Wilderness Weekly 10.7.2016

Brumbies: This week the Brumbie boys were taught how to make rawhide drums one evening around sunset. They soaked the rawhide until soft and then stretched it over wooden frames and wove the backs together and letting them dry overnight. The accompanied their drums with hand-carved drum sticks wrapped with sheep’s wool and leather and then tied with sinew.

 Lorikeets: This week was packed full of exciting cross-country hikes, cold fall nights, and warm toasty fires. Early in the week cheers could be heard throughout the desert when the newest Keet completed her backpack and joined the group.  The excitement continued when one keet was reunited with her mother during the parent visit after 6 weeks apart.  Countless numbers of tears and laughs were shared between the two in a glorious sunny afternoon.  With the end of the week closing in a ceremony was held to say goodbye to one of the staff.  Specially made tokens were given to each Keet to help them find their path after her departure.


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