Wilderness Weekly 11.10.17


This week, after their third attempt, the Gnowees peaked Red Pine! They climbed it in record time and celebrated at the top by having a trail name ceremony for one of their members, Enduring Wave. The Gnowees lead several moving gatherings where they shared openly with each other and learned many important outback lessons such as collusion cycles and box styles. Additionally, two Gnowees were honored with tokens, one for their hard work finding the brightness in difficult situations and the other for making peace within the group and within her family.


Our large group of Goannas was split into two. The new Brumbies group began to take shape as the boys worked together to support one another. One of the group members was honored with a trail name. The boys ate like kings at base camp and together they made stew and breakfast burritos. They also had a fun hike with a great canine companion.



There was some great cooperation as the boys learned to work together, and the group functioned at a high level. We had to do a couple of hike backs for gear and after talking about it for a little while many of the frustrated boys changed their attitudes and became positive and helpful. We received a new boy this week who is working hard to become a part of main camp and is excited to begin working with others. Finally, we had a couple of the boys receive tokens this week, and they were very excited.


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