Wilderness Weekly 11.10.19

Dingoes: The week started out with the welcoming of new Dingoes into our group. They got right to work on making packs and spoons and other first camp projects with gusto. We had a student who got his arrow ready for his bow and it was a successful shot! There was a good start with flute making and we eagerly await the music that will be created once they are completed. There were two students who received their trail names proudly–Humble Falcon and Fiery Coyote and two who had their parent visits.

It was a great week of coming closer together and a deeper compassion for one another. There was a few veteran Dingoes that we said goodbye to and at the end of the week, the group was split to in order to help cultivate the start of another group. Despite some chilly evenings, the Dingoes ended the week triumphantly and with new zeal for future adventures.

Gnowees: The Gnowees had a fun week. We welcomed two new members, said goodbye to one, and several group members had parent visits. Those preparing for their parent visits slept well at their solo sites due to the great weather we had during their solo time. The main camp group slept in the warm shelter with a wood-burning stove going and the girls honored each other and staff with tokens. One member received the Gnowee token, another Solid Ground and Letting Go. The staff each received a token: True Speaker, Openness, and Peacewalker. The hikes were on the shorter side as we traveled cross country. It was an exciting experience for some, while challenging for others. The busting culture is getting stronger now that everyone in main camp has a full set to bust with and the skills to make fire. The group was effective at communicating tensions with hearts at peace. Two members are in first camp, and one was quick to finish a backpack. The Gnowees enjoyed games and dancing and we finished the week with a fun day hike exploring up a mountain and looking at mines.

Brumbies: This week the Brumbies enjoyed a spooky holiday, in which they competed in a scavenger hunt solving riddles leading them to a prize (halloween candy!). Group members struggled to pack up efficiently in the beginning of the week, but were able to address these concerns by motivating members and setting attainable goals. Each night members practiced their mindfulness skills through different guided meditations. At the end of the week, one member was honored with the trail name Unbreakable Salmon to commemorate his resilience and ability to resist peer pressure. The group then transitioned leadership to the next generation of Brumbies with the promise of continuing group culture and emotional safety. 

Goannas:  The Goannas group re-emerged and split from the Dingoes this week. The group worked together as a team to make all the logistical changes happen seamlessly given the change of group size. The next day, they spent a lot of time working on skills. Thoughtful Bluejay created a bowl out of pine by burning out the insides with charcoal while another Brumby perfected his latest spoon. One of our members had the opportunity to spend time reading and reflecting on “Willpower is Not Enough”. Overall, we are excited for the re-emergence of the Goannas and look forward to creating and upholding group culture!


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