Wilderness Weekly 11.10.2016


Though they had to say good luck and goodbye to a group member this week, the girls were excited to welcome a new Keet. They have enjoyed spending time getting to know and mentor her.

 The girls spent much of the morning Monday creating dream catchers of all sizes. Staff shared the history behind the dreamcatchers and joined in on the craft. Some of the girls enjoyed it so much that they spent the next few days making more during their “skills” time.

 Almost every night this week the girls spent time before bed gathered around the fire playing games. These ranged anywhere from charades to riddles, some of which the girls are still guessing the answer to!


Encircled by peers and students, with the sun setting behind the distant mountains, two staff were awarded the “Brumbie” token for their work in the field.

 When the jump ropes come to the desert, the Brumbies crush all challenges that await. The whirling orange rope could not catch a single foot as every Brumbie lept over with ease and smiles.

 The boys have been working hard at busting and every member of the Brumbies successfully created fire and enjoyed a group meal together.  Bellies were full and spirits were high.

 One Brumbie wrote a rap about how his life has changed because of Outback.

This is the story of how Outback affected my life
It made me realize and open my eyes
I know that I hurt a lot of people.
They tried to help me I looked down them like
I was on top of a steeple.
They were just trynna make my life better,
I looked at em in the eyes and said whatever.
They knew I could’ve just try,
I didn’t, which made some of em cry.
I always said that I would but I knew that was just a lie
I bet some of em didn’t care if I died,
I just always wanted to sit down and get fried.
I used to smoke up like a chimney,
My friends told me to slow down but it wasn’t for me.
I thought I had so many problems, but now I realized
I am the problem.
Hurting people, focused on me, didn’t care how I saw them.
I used to fight and argue after the littles things,
Saw them as objects, not as human beings.
Growing up felt like I had 3 parents
They all wanted the best but I looked at em as servants.
But now I’m regretting all those decisions.
I swear to God, I should’ve just listened.
It would’ve all been for the better of me,
Instead of sitting in my room smoking and watching some TV.
I swear when I leave, I’ll change myself
I won’t go back to my habits and I’ll have some wealth.
I’ll impress my family and friends and someday my wife,
But yeah that’s the story of how Outback affected my life.



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