Wilderness Weekly 11.11.21

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On this episode of Goanna world, the Goannas made culture a top priority. We honored many people with tokens, and a trail name “Artistic Samurai.” We also took a day to work on our busting sets and to practice blowing into flames. In total we busted 20 coals and blew a good chunk of them into flames. With sets in top notch condition, we were able to take some much needed personal time as the group was proactive in getting their Nagarnas done which count for school credits. One of the new members of the group was able to finish his, busted a coal, and transitioned out of First Camp. We were also visited by interesting wildlife and got some awesome fly-bys of nearby jets. Overall this week, the students thrived in the group, and I can’t be more proud of them.

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The Cassowaries spent the week hiking strong, finishing with more miles accomplished than any other group in the field. We spent the week focusing on busting with integrity while focusing our groups on resilience and grit. On therapy days our primary therapist led groups that actively engaged students and staff in groups to compete while contemplating the deeper meaning behind our actions once the activities were completed. We worked on questioning mindsets and views of healthy relationships. We also focused on positive body image and working to reframe our mindsets during meals. Most of our sites came with exquisite views as we huddled around the fire appreciating the natural world we were living in. Every night for dinner we took the time to appreciate our days including the highs, the lows, ourselves, and those within our group. We were able to come closer together and discover the different lives and experiences we have lived.

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This week the Pindaris welcomed a new member and worked to come together as a group. We worked hard on building backpacks and busting coals. In the evenings, they cracked jokes and shared intimate struggles around the fire. The highlight of the week was peaking Red Pine at over 7,000 ft. Both the hike and the views were breathtaking and the staff were super impressed by the students’ effort. The Pindaris were very self-sufficient in running gatherings and morning meditations. It was exciting to see the creative juices flowing and the passion behind creating a great new group culture. All in all, the Pindaris grew closer this week and are on their way to being an effective team. 

Photo Credit: Jeremy Bezanger;Unsplash


The Ulurus had a fantastic week full of hikes, group activities, therapeutic exercises, and games. We supported one another throughout the hikes we had during the expedition portion of the week. The experiences this week gave way to helping the group grow closer together by showing vulnerability during gathering sessions and sharing the various circumstances that lead each of us to outBACK. Later in the week the we had the opportunity to welcome a new member into the Uluru family. Overall, the group fostered positive emotional energy and safety throughout the week.

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