Wilderness Weekly 11.13.20

Photo Credit: Peak Week Crew

Pindaris: This week, the Pindaris focused more on their pillars (BRAH) brotherhood, respect, acceptance and honesty. They worked cohesively as a group in tasks such as group chores and fire wood collecting. They saw each other through a gentle lens and expressed things through kindness and understanding. We had many groups pertaining to identity and how we show ourselves to others and we also had groups and conversations on acceptance of others and openness. The group worked hard to be an equal member of the group and they all learned more about their own abilities to conquer hard moments. They did a wonderful job this week and grew individually and as a whole. 

Gnowees: This week the Gnowees focused on the transition into winter camping and welcomed a new member into the group. The group learned the basics of staying warm in cold weather, enjoyed cooking on an open fire pit, welcomed the challenging beauty of snow, and crushed all three hikes. The Gnowees chose to honor two members with tokens: one for openness and vulnerability in the group, and one Gnowee who embodies the pillars of the group. The group had some Gnowees transition onto their next adventures as well as experience welcoming several new members this week. The new Gnowees were welcomed into the group with their official welcoming ceremony where each student shared what it means to be a part of the group and their excitement for the new Gnowees. Students found lightness during everyday tasks, whether in singing while carrying firewood back to camp or in making a snowman to break up the morning, and they leaned on each other to grow. 

Goannas:  The Goannas had a challenging and rewarding week. The group successfully completed several hikes during the expedition portion of the week, working together to get out of camp quickly and supporting one another emotionally and physically throughout the longer hikes. The Goannas adapted well to the transition into winter camping; pushing themselves to master the art of busting coals and being creative with games and movement to keep warm. The group successfully completed multiple meaningful gatherings and continued to honor one another in their therapeutic processes; giving out three trail names this week. The students worked through group conflict as they communicated effectively and respectfully to resolve discord that ultimately strengthened the group culture while cultivating meaningful and supportive connections with one another. 

Ulurus:  The Ulurus had a super productive week, centering around rebuilding the foundation of their group culture and creating space for them to be vulnerable with one another. We had a day hike where we held a custom group token ceremony honoring each of them for their strengths in creating a brotherhood with one another. The group remained strong completing several other hikes throughout the week, staying positive and supportive of one another. The group’s busting culture had major growth throughout the week as well, with each member busting with integrity and supporting one another when in need. 


Check Out What’s Happening in 1st Camp @ outBACK

We had several students this week begin their adventure at Outback. We worked on their first camp books, primitive skill building like carving spoons, making their A frame backpacks and sewing leather pads. We also did lots of wood runs for the fire to keep us warm. We enjoyed many sunset walks and we also enjoyed the first desert snow of the year. Many students learned to make bread over the campfire. 


Peak Week – Adventure Therapy @ outBACK

This week on Peak Week we entered the Red Canyons of Snow Canyon for hikes and exploring new terrain.  We also enjoyed setting goals for the adventure with two days of climbing the red and black rocks of Southern Utah.  Each Student set personal goals as they each would be embarking on a new chapter of their lives as their time with Outback was coming to a close and new journeys to look forward to were on the horizon.  We closed our evenings with nightly gatherings around the fire discussing how each student would use the skills they had developed while here at Outback.  At the end of the week, each student was honored in an appreciation and goodbye ceremony as the sun set in the west desert with Peak Patches. 


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