Wilderness Weekly 11.16.18

The Gnowees welcomed three new students into the group and three students completed First Camp and became official Gnowees. One student was honored during a ceremony and received the Vital Fire token. The students also had a ceremony for a staff member, leaving him with the Brightness token. The students had extra time this week to work on skills and created many spoons, jewelry and other crafts.

Dingoes:  The group has split into a smaller group with the hopes to comeback together as a larger group on thanksgiving to share the day together. The group has grown substantially as many of the elder, experienced members have left them. Many struggled with self-reliance in the beginning of the week but have stepped up into leadership roles. The group has became a close knit group and are getting to know each other as well as acknowledge each others strengths and weaknesses. A four mile hike, mostly up hill, was followed by two additional smaller hikes of two miles and approximately one mile. These hikes although difficult allowed the group to communicate as a team and discuss the weeks therapeutic theme of resiliency. The Dingoes discussed what they contribute to their families, and what maintains resiliency at home.

Goannas:  The group was split into a smaller group this week and the boys were challenged to develop new leadership within the group. This week the boys learned how to physically and emotional push and pull each other during difficult hikes with the hand cart. Loving Dragon was honored this week with the Giver Token for his continuous giving nature to the group. The group spent lots of time this week practicing mindfulness skills through creating with their hands to make drums and bullroars.  The group also found themselves playing lots of games, riddles and team building activities.

Ulurus:  The Ulurus had an incredible week in the desert! The group managed to come together after a senior student left and led themselves to a very productive and vulnerable week. It was a week full of token and trail name ceremonies as well as parents visits for two of our Uluru boys. Several of the students led gatherings on therapeutic goals and strategies for dealing with anxiety, which were received very well by the group. The Uluru played new games and went on day hikes/treasure hunts throughout the week! Overall the group shifted to create an amazing and emotionally safe place this week and began to see each other empathetically.


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