Wilderness Weekly 11.17.2017


This week we enjoyed watching the super-moon. This week the moon was closer to the earth in rotation than it has been in decades and the view from the desert was spectacular, even still visible the next morning!

 During the middle of the week, we worked the heart at war and heart at peace concepts. This gathering was led by a student who captured the concepts with insight and creativity.

 To end the week, our ladies honored their Keet leader with an Awakening token to celebrate the inner work she has been doing. It served as a moment of rite of passage as she is on her way to the next place in her journey.


Three Brumbies had parent visits this week that went very well! It’s always great to have parents out in the desert.  Two students were awarded tokens this week, the maker token and winged heart.  The group also observed the super moon while falling asleep to its soothing glow.


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