Wilderness Weekly 11.23.17

All of the groups had a wonderful Thanksgiving week, complete with a huge feast! They were very grateful.


We had lots of fun this week. We had a previous staff visit the group and he introduced numerous new games to them that they really enjoyed such as Camoflauge and Stalking Wolf. Winter shelters/tents were introduced this week and everyone really jumped on board with trying to master set up and take down. We even set a new record for set up with an extraordinary time of 13 minutes and 44 seconds. Overall it was a very good week and the students excelled. They also enjoyed a huge delicious Thanksgiving dinner feast together.


What a wonderful week with the Brumbies; hiking strong for multiple days and learning how to set up the new winter shelter. Four of our Brumbies received tokens for the emotional journeys they are beginning to embark on and two of our Brumbies received trail names. We have welcomed Wise Pillar and Humble Flame to the group. The Brumbies had an eventful Thanksgiving week filled with games, turkey and whipped cream shenanigans.


The Gnowees began Thanksgiving with a spa day. The girls pampered themselves with hand and foot scrubs, as well as with face masks. Spa day was followed by a scavenger hunt leading them to their surprise thanksgiving feast. While Thanksgiving meal was prepared the girls enjoyed an exquisite pink sunset basking Red Pine and Black Crook in golden light.


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