Wilderness Weekly 11.23.19

Dingoes: We had a great week with the Dingoes! Our week began with a challenging hike from Oasis to the Simpson Mountain range. Some of the Dingoes were pushed physically and mentally during one of our hikes yet they forged and persevered. We even had the chance to make use of a handcart that was brought out to the group to help support the efforts as the Dingoes made their way through the hike. With teamwork and perseverance, they pushed the cart uphill and made it to camp.  The following day they had an equally challenging cross country hike. 

With all of this, the Dingoes came together and there was a deep sense of community and connection among the members. Around the campfire, they shared vulnerable stories of their lives and displayed compassion and understanding for one other. In the following days, they had a chance to recharge in camp and work on their therapy assignments and busting skills.

Gnowees: The goddesses of light had a wonderful week supported by the beautiful weather. Throughout the week the Gnowees discussed values and group culture, often reflecting on their pillars: honest, open, willing, and respect. The girls worked to pack more efficiently and were able to take in the gift of seeing wild horses on one of the hikes. Throughout hikes, the girls enjoyed playing different games and hunting for various components of their busting sets. Members practiced mindfulness skills through daily meditations and through reflecting on the beautiful sunset each day. At the end of the week, Spirted Nebula was honored with the token Vital Fire (due to her fiery spirit, determination, and energy she puts into assignments with exactness and promptness) , while another group member was honored with the token Openness (for her ability to listen to others, accept constructive feedback, and build relationships of trusts).  

Goannas: This week was a great week for the Goannas. We had a lot of fun playing Camo during our free time. Several new recipes were traded and enjoyed amongst the Goannas including but not limited to pizza, dumplings and apple crisp. Our Goannas was honored and received a token this week for all the hard work that they have put into themselves and the group. A few of the tokens given out were seeker (for seeking truth within oneself and sharing it with others), openness (being willing and open about one’s story and struggles in order to show support for the group and one’s self) and solid ground (the ability one showed for having faith in one’s self as well as asserting their opinions in a tactful and respectful way.) A few students went rock hunting for jasper, geodes, obsidian and quartz as well as peaked a small mountain. A couple of the Goannas in first camp transitioned and joined main camp.

Brumbies: This was a week full of hard work and deep emotion. We started off the week with saying goodbye to a solid leader. There was a struggle to get the group to find a new dynamic, but through a few tough hikes they came together and began supporting each other. Early on in the week one of the staff led a gathering that brought great questions, learning and growth. Three of the Brumbies had parent visits that brought forth sweet and tearful reunions. Although the students were sad to see their parents leave, they were instilled with new hope for their futures. We were able to have a fabulous token ceremony where three students were honored for their growth and work. Toward the end of the week we said goodbye to one of our group members. Those who were not able to say goodbye were able to have a tender goodbye ceremony in his honor. The last day was spent warm in the shelter playing games, reading books and doing skills. The week brought us hope and great outlooks for the future! 


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