Wilderness Weekly 11.26.21

Photo Credit: Scott Jones, Primary Therapist


The Goannas had a wonderful week of growth, healing, and bonding. We spent some time at a beautiful site where everyone had the opportunity to improve primitive skills (such as bull roars, leather bags, and spoons), dive into therapy assignments (reading Anatomy of Peace, writing letters, and drafting post-outBACK success plans), as well as enjoy the breathtaking sunsets and full moonrises perfectly visible from our little spot in the desert.  We had meaningful group gatherings about boundaries, double standards, and cultivating a heart at peace. Through vulnerable conversations, hearts opened up, relationships were deepened, and the group became stronger. A few members of the group received news about their next steps, which also gave everyone the chance to express love, support, and confidence in the future. All in all, everyone agreed it was a very important week that ended on a high note of welcoming in a new student with open arms and an attitude of excitement to carry on the strong culture of the Goannas.


This week the Pindaris had a lot of exciting turns. We started off with skills and PT (personal time). Students made pos bags, quivers, moccasins, and continued to work on their busting sets.  Three long hikes during the expedition portion of this week brought amazing views, fun conversation and a sense of unity among the group. The final hike, which was cross-country, brought a wild horse sighting. 

On Sunday, Bodacious Racoon received his trail name at a long ceremony following a day hike to the top of a hill. Five other Pindaris received tokens at the ceremony, and staff and students alike were honored. The tokens given out were the Pindari token, Vital Fire tokens, Brightness, Openness, Winged Heart, and Giver. Staff received Peace Walker and Giver tokens. Our final campsite brought stunning mountain views and breathtaking sunsets. The last night brought us a thankful gathering, as well as many jokes, songs, and laughs around the campfire.

Overall, it was a week of growth and cooperation, and of tremendous effort put forth by the Pindari across the board, from packing to hiking to skills. Here’s to another great week of growth with  the Pindari in the Utah desert!

Ulurus + Brumbies:

This was a week of warm welcomes as the Ulurus welcomed new members into the ranks. With new student arrivals means a pause on our expedition in order to support a smooth transition into the group, which is also beneficial for the group as they utilized that time to carve new spoons, backpacks frames, and build strong rapport with their new comrades. 

When the hike days rolled around, the Ulurus donned their packs and diligently pursued the journey ahead of them. We observed the velvet sunsets that shown through cloudy hike days and took in the nature around us. 

As hikes were completed the Ulurus utilized the new canvas shelters, working together to assemble the structure in a timely manner. This process was easy to adapt into the structure of the Ulurus’ routine as the canvas shelter comes with big, warm camping stoves that heat the shelter and keep us safe as the winter soon approaches.

Though it comes as a surprise to no one, when faced with the challenges ahead, the Ulurus improvise, adapt, and overcome. We are just lucky to stand before their blazing glory.


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