Wilderness Weekly 11.3.17


The group had a hoot playing Pictionary telephone—everyone was in stitches. The hiking this week was tough but no match for the strength of the Gnowees!! One of our first campers officially joined the group in a ceremony overlooking Red Pine. We hunted for spindles, busted to the tunes of “Busting Queen” (think ABBA). The group opened up in several gatherings having to do with family. We celebrated Halloween by dressing up with the gear we had: highlights included; Ash and Pikachu, a pumpkin, a deer, a cat, and a Danny and Sandy from Grease. Hikes were filled with readings, feelings checks and plenty of songs. Overall, a really lovely week.


Two new students and everyone in first camp has made their own spoon and two of the first campers are almost finished working on their backpacks. Several students focused on completing their busting set and working on busting a coal so they can create fire. Some of the students who have been here longer are offered welcome tips on the best technique for learning how to bust.

There were two parent visits and both students busted coals so they could cook for their parents. One student also honored each parent with two tokens; Vital Fire and Giver. We had a trail naming ceremony and one of the Goannas is now known as Honest Trout.

Finally, we got into the spirit of Halloween, with a staff member who dressed up as a kangaroo. We made cookies for each other on the fire, carved a potato pumpkin, and talked about our favorite thing about Halloween. Overall, a great week with wonderfully, sunny weather.


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