Wilderness Weekly 11.3.19

Dingoes:  Our week was a beautiful adventure in the icy desert.  There is nothing more powerful to bring a group together than the elements.  We woke to a few inches of fluffy white snow on Monday and instantly broke into our favorite winter songs.  The group members worked quickly and diligently around the camp and harvesting firewood became more than just a chore.  Once the sun came back out, we were able to hike out into the beautiful terrain of the Keg Mountains.

Gnowees: The Gnowees had a super special week; some of the group member participated in a “walkabout”. These Gnowees discussed the meaning and responsibilities of independence, identified their values, and processed the significance of turning 18. The other half of the group was able to hike 8 miles over three days. These Gnowees did an amazing job at pushing themselves on the hike. While on a challenging hike, they were able to process feelings and frustrations with the group and about themselves. When the group came back together the walkabout group made breakfast for the other students, symbolizing their increasing independence and ability to provide and give back to others. Two of the students were given their trail names; Courageous Arrow and Vibrant Lilac. We also welcomed in some new group members this week.

Brumbies: Our week consisted of a lot of hiking in the sun and cooking around the fire as the Brumbies experienced a fluctuation of different temperatures and adapted to the elements. We welcomed in new-comers and helped them acclimate throughout the week. The group also worked on personal goals throughout the week; such as being more positive, open, and compassionate. We got our first snow of the season early this year, and the students learned how to ensure that they were nice and warm throughout their days, despite the variability in the conditions around them.


Peak Week – Adventure Therapy @ outBACK

This week on our peak adventure we had a tribe of Brumbies, Dingoes, and Gnowees. The group had a ton of fun bonding through story-telling, climbing, and sharing amazing views all throughout Utah. One of the groups biggest accomplishments this week was challenging and motivating each other while rock climbing. We spent most of our time around Southern Utah rock climbing in St. George and going on hikes/playing capture the flag in Goblin Valley State Park. Each member of our Peak Team played a key role in making this week as fun and safe as it was. After our second climbing session Metamorphic Beluga created a Bora Ground in order to honor every single person in the group, this lifted everyone’s spirits and brought us all even closer together. At the end of the week the group took part in a sweat lodge together and had very open and engaging conversation, after this ceremony all of the students were honored with a peak week patch. Overall this week was super special for all of us on peak team, we all learned and smiled a lot.


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