Wilderness Weekly 11.30.18

Goannas:  This week was full of great weather, good views and fun games in the Goannas! We welcomed one of our students into main group after he finished his first camp assignments. The Goannas had an impressive hike this week as well. They finished in great spirits and set up camp in record time. We also had to say goodbye to some of our Goanna members this week as they are setting off to the next step in their journey. Overall the group had many laughs and sentimental moments looking back on the times they’ve shared in the past months.

Gnowees:  Two new Gnowees joined main camp, busting their way out of first camp by making their own fires and crafting their backpacks. Another student is well on her way to joining main camp after she made her backpack this week, with only firemaking to go. A student had their parent visit this week and got to have a heartwarming reunion with her parents, spend the day with them, and also have some hard conversations. The rest of the Gnowees got to focus on skills, while making spoons and working on fire sets.

Ulurus:  The Ulurus have been growing closer and building stronger bonds. They showed this by honoring each other with tokens and giving each other deep and meaningful feedback to help them all grow. The group rallied together to help a new student complete his first camp tasks. This week we had two amazing parent visits that were emotional and beautiful.  One student received the Brightness token for displaying a warming, positive attitude and making everyone smile. We also said goodbye to two members who started their journey of Peak Week.

Dingoes:  The Dingoes enjoyed great weather, hiking and amazing views. The group hiked to a site that allowed views of almost the entire field including Erickson Knoll, Chicken Rock and most of the Southern Field. The weather was great for day hikes and token ceremonies. The group overall has substantially increased in fire making skills, to include starting coal busting competitions.

Therapeutically they continued acknowledging their own emotions, family conflict, and conflict amongst the group. The group continued to recognize their own emotions through using mixed emotions cards, and discussed Anatomy of Peace concepts of using boxes as a tool to help themselves, rather than to judge self and others. Finally, it was a great time to discuss family conflict, as the group had recently came back together with their friends in past groups.


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