Wilderness Weekly 11.7.20

Pindaris:  The Pindaris are a very hardworking group. They overcame various challenges; emotionally, mentally, and physically. They were very organized in getting camp ready to leave each day. We had hard hikes that challenged emotions and opened opportunities to communicate their feelings with each other. They became vulnerable with one another and sparked respect for their journey and each other’s paths. Guiding Wolf received his trail name on top of a mountain with views that show how small and impactful we are to the desert and this world. It was an amazing week working with these beautiful individuals and look forward to seeing them again. 

Gnowees:  This week the Gnowees worked hard to have a rewarding and meaningful week in the desert. The group welcomed a new Gnowee, pushed through two challenging hikes, and celebrated Halloween Weekend with caramel apples, an impromptu costume contest, and a gathering on the metaphorical “masks” that we use to hide our true selves. One student received the trail name Gracious Honeybee, and several others were honored with tokens. Although the group did face some interpersonal challenges this week, they were able to communicate their needs and perspectives with one another in a way that gave each Gnowee the chance to feel valued and heard. In addition, this week the Gnowees switched to using group winter shelters, which created many opportunities for storytelling and bonding while being protected from the chills of winter. Overall it was a week of growth and change, with each Gnowee facing new challenges and having the opportunity to reflect on their experiences. 

Goannas:  This week in the Goannas, the group had opportunities to bond and grow together. The crew hiked over some tough terrain and came out of it a group that had “expanded” together. The group was very supportive and grew immensely through it all this week. The group came together and prepared for the shift in seasons by reinforcing a great group culture of fire making (a.k.a. “busting”) and into our winter shelters. It was very cool to be able to witness each member of the group create a coal and blow it into flames!

Ulurus: The group’s week was full of gratitude and honoring one another.  Three students received their trail names this week, Compassionate Panther, Bubbly Waterbear and Sympathetic Joey. Five students received tokens as well, recognizing the qualities they possess and are developing within themselves. The group was transitioning to winter shelters this week and enjoying reading stories to each other at night.  They also effectively implemented changes in daily structure and group responsibilities in order to respond to the coming seasonal changes, showing great leadership, responsiveness and organization. On the fun side of things, Bubbly Waterbear recreated Uno with paper, crayons and scissors, and the group took every opportunity to play with one another and joke around.  The Ulurus had a harmonious, playful and productive week!


Check Out What’s Happening In 1st Camp @ outBACK

Within the week, we had several new students begin their outBACK journey. They immediately set to work on their primitive skills, building backpacks and spoons and taking frequent breaks to birdwatch around the main camp. Halloween night was spent telling stories around the fire and enjoying caramel apples. Other nights were spent taking short hikes to enjoy the sunset or retiring early to the group’s shelter to escape the cold evenings and warm up by the wood stove. Soon, these students will be joining their groups and continue their personal journeys here at outBACK.


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