Wilderness Weekly 12.07.18

Dingoes: The dingoes were introduced to snow for the first time in the desert. Moreover, while one of the group leaders was gone on peak week, the remaining members of the Dingoes worked together to process and persevere through some adversity. Although there were some rough patches, they met the challenge head on, and progressed both as a group and individually. One student was also able to be honored by receiving his trail name, while two others received the tokens “peacewalker” and “making amends”.

Gnowees:  The Gnowees enjoyed a small snowstorm this week and were happy to spend a day hunkering down in the cozy tent with the fire blazing. We hiked 2 miles on Saturday, ending up at a site with gorgeous views of the snowy mountains. Two Gnowees earned their trail names (Wise Willow and Healing Treasure) and one Gnowee was honored with the token Winged Heart. We exercised our creative spirit with crayons and self-portraits, practiced Loving Kindness meditation, and worked on our busting sets and making fire—a skill now more critical than ever. All were sad to see a beloved Gnowee embark on her final Goodbye Solo.

Ulurus:  The Ulurus experienced a week filled with snowfall and the students enjoyed making the most of it playing games and starting snowball fights. The group hiked over 7 miles and took pride in orienteering; going cross country for the majority of the hike. We awarded one of our students with a Trail Name, Hardcore Jackelope, in a warm ceremony around the hot fire. The leaders of the group also passed down their positions to younger students. These students are looking forward to increased responsibility and leading the group forward. Finally at our therapy site, the group worked on skills such as leather work, busting sets & wooden spoons.

Goannas: The Goannas had a snowy week in the beautiful west desert. The boys enjoyed watching gorgeous sunsets from our campsite as they adjusted to winter weather patterns. Three new students joined two existing students in the group and all of the boys supported each other through their adjustment to being at Outback. A highlight of the week was definitely sledding on our sleeping pads and having a snowball fight. The Goannas had the opportunity to hike with their packs on their backs for the first time after saying farewell to the handcart they had been pushing on hikes previously. This was a challenge, but the boys conquered the hikes and felt a sense of accomplishment when we reached our next site. Upon arriving at a new site, the boys had the challenge of busting a fire in wet weather and they rose to the challenge and got fire! Overall, the Goannas had a fantastic week of growth as a group.


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