Wilderness Weekly 12.1.17


This week the Gnowees did extremely well hiking. They were able to sing and keep spirits high well still being productive. There were also many ceremonies to be had. Our group dog, Pepper, received the Strong Cord token for bringing the girls together through tough times. The girls also were all crowned as “goddesses of light” for allowing themselves to be honest and vulnerable. Still enjoying their Thanksgiving memories, the girls talked about how that day brought joy, but also challenges of being away from family.


The group enjoyed getting to meet Bruce the dog for a few days. The group has been doing well with hiking and enjoyed an easier hike to an old sheep ranch where they stayed for a few days. While at this spot they witnessed an amazing sunrise and had a sand storm, which also brought rain for and snow to the mountains. The change in the weather is can make you feel more vulnerable, which goes along with the topic of being more vulnerable as people, and the group talked more about their individual journeys. They also balanced this with lots of opportunities for games like Stalking Wolf played out in a cleared field, it was a particular favorite.

Two of the Dingos had parent visits this week, with their parents being honored with the tokens Giver, Maker, and Letting Go being given by their respective sons. We also said ‘farewell’ to two Dingos who split from our group and helped start a new group.

The Dingo leader passed down his leadership to a Dingo who has been honored with the Solid Ground token and has a good foundation for leading the group.


A great week with the newly formed group of Brumbies. We had a had a trail naming ceremony for “Peaceful Blue-Jay” and two Token Challenges which resulted in two Brumbies receiving the Awakening & Openness tokens. The boys also enjoyed a great game of Stop, Rock and Run

They explored the area with walking washes and ridges of the area and cut a large Juniper root for bull drilling boards. Many created slip on moccasins and mini busting sets. The group also enjoyed the nighttime story readings before bed.


This new group continues to form well and bond with the new members. We had an excellent, skills-filled day. As a group we made a group Pawawka, played games to get to know each other and learned to work with antlers in order to make jewelry. The group is off to a great start with deep conversations and support of one another.


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