Wilderness Weekly 12.1.2016


This week we enjoyed the first heavy snowfall of the winter and for one of the Keets seeing snow fall was a first time experience and a snowball fight ensued!


One of the Lorikeets was honored with the Letting Go token to acknowledge her growth and willingness to let go of the harder things of life. Literally at the sight of the token, she dropped to her knees and started crying with joy at understanding the weight of the work she had invested. It was a beautiful moment for all of us!

 To complete the week we had a very moving parent visit where our newest Lorikeet was encouraged with love and hope to keep pressing into the discomfort to do a deeper work.


The Brumbies had a snowball fight as the sun was setting.

 As the snow was falling the group had a vulnerability group, in which all students and staff shared meaningful thoughts.

After eight long weeks, one of the Brumbies reunited with his father during an emotional afternoon.



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