Wilderness Weekly 12.14.18

Dingoes:  The group succeeded and excelled at self-sufficiency, teamwork, and conflict management this week. Conflicts did arise with a theme of students demanding apologies which gave way for opportunities to discuss various topics addressing “Heart at War” and “Heart at Peace”. The group hiked twice setting up camp and collecting wood in colder weather. Capping off the week, the Dingoes were able to experience a Ghost Challenge; a rare feat at Outback. The structure is such that staff intervene minimally as students work together during ghost challenges. It is designed to create opportunities for students to increase leadership skills, manage conflicts on their own, and become more self-sufficient while staff are at the ready in the event they need support.

Gnowees:  The week started off with an emotional and heartfelt farewell as a fellow group member prepared to move on into her next step of her therapeutic journey. Taking a break from hiking with packs, the group was able to experience a peak this week. The Gnowees peaked Erickson Knoll and at the top, one of the Gnowees received her trail name, Enduring Ivy. Two of the students spent time to make beautiful bull roarers for the parents who were coming out for a mid-stay visit. This week brought on many conversations filled with honesty, vulnerability, and love that allowed them to grow stronger together.

Ulurus:  This was an awesome week of hiking opportunities for the Ulurus. The group hiked a total of 13 miles in four days. The Ulurus persevered each day as they hiked more than they ever have.  While said goodbye to a fellow Uluru as he moved onto his next step this week, another of our Ulurus was able to have a great time during their parent visit this week. We ended the week building forts in the snow and having snowball fights while sharing laughs all around. Overall, the group showed an immense amount of determination this week working through group challenges as well as transition and change.

Goannas:  This week the group grew closer while building upon their group culture. Two of the new students completed their first camp tasks and joined main group. The Goannas enjoyed playing games and growing closer together throughout the week. They worked on identifying self-betrayals and spent a good amount of time reflecting on how, when and why this shows up in their lives. The group also appointed a leader for the group to continue to add structure to the Goannas!


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