Wilderness Weekly 12.15.17


The Brumbies had a busy week hiking 5 days in a row. During one of the hikes, the Brumbies attempted to carry an Apache Match, which is using rolled up bark to carry hot coals, from one site to the next. It was a great attempt but unfortunately, along the way, the coals became too hot and we had to put them out.

The group has worked hard on improving their busting set and working on busting a coal and making fire. The result was everyone successfully busted and Trevor rewarded the group by bringing his dutch oven and a bag of potatoes, oil, fry sauce, and ketchup, and we spent Making french fries in the wilderness in a dutch oventhe evening making fries. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed this treat.

Two Brumbies were honored with tokens, with one receiving Peacewalker and the other received the Brumbies token. They also played football for over an hour in the afternoon sun and after some cold nights, it was great to run around without all of our winter layers on.


The Dingos began hiking after several days of resting at one site. The group hiked strongly and completed 3 hikes this week. One of the Dingos received their trail name of Resilient Flame. A new Dingo arrived and along with another Dingo is working their way through first camp. The Dingos created an Apache Match and attempted to carry a hot coal on the hike to their new site, unfortunately, the match did not complete the journey but plans were made for a future attempt. The Dingos enjoyed playing games this week and the opportunity to work on several skills.


Leadership was passed onto another Gnowee, Loyal Wolf. She is taking her role very seriously and has already brought in-depth questions to our daily morning meditation. Two Gnowees were honored with tokens; Spontaneous Squirrel received Truth Speaker to commend her for her progress in honesty and integrity and Rising Moonlight received Brightness because of the joy and light she brings to the group.

The girls filled their days with storytelling, even getting into the holiday spirit with an animated retelling of Elf. They also enjoyed an 8-mile day hike, in which there was singing, riddles, and storytelling galore.


The group made wands after reading and enjoying the second Harry Potter book. Morning Meditation has included several games. Two Uluru received their trail names this week.

Our group has added a new member who is bringing a positive attitude and strong work ethic. We have also established our pillars of the group culture. The first Uluru token was given to one of our group leaders this week.


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