Wilderness Weekly 12.15.19

Dingoes:  The Dingoes had an excellent week of therapy in skills, ceremonies, and welcoming new members to the group. We had a ceremony from our clinical director for the primary therapist, Greg. For some members, this was their first ceremony. Greg was given the honorable and reverenced token of Awakening, and a talking stick for his leadership and wisdom. Two students received their trail names of Majestic Moon and Blazing Hummingbird in a beautiful ceremony around a campfire. The Dingoes enjoyed making jokes around the campfire while learning how to resolve conflicts and build relationships with other group members. They conquered a difficult hike and enjoyed clear night skies full of stars and the bright moon. Overall, it was a great week in the desert for the Dingoes!

Gnowees: The Gnowees had a fantastic week. Three students left for peak week for a week of high adventure activities and brought back great insight after spending time testing out their acquired skills, gaining insight on what was yet to be learned, and fine tuned their individual focus as they look to move forward and beyond Outback. Other members received news they would be departing soon and spent time on solos to reflect on their time at Outback with each of the students receiving heartfelt tokens. Spirited Nebula received the Seeker token, Courageous Arrow received Truth Speaker, and Vibrant Lilac received Peacewalker. Spirited Nebula honored all of the Gnowees with custom made tokens. We had a new student arrive into the group and Vibrant Lilac did a great job mentoring her and teaching her how to pack her pack. The group did an excellent job completing a challenging 4 mile hike, which included a fun pit stop at the Simpson Springs campground where we learned about the history of the Pony Express. 

Brumbies: This week in the Brumbies was full of excitement. The group hiked hard three days in a row, splitting the chores between the students. They crushed the hikes! The group had some great gatherings about family and group pillars. We even had a blues freestyle session led by a staff with an acoustic guitar. Halfway through the week, the Brumbies were joined by the former Goannas. The group was welcoming to the new students and they all shared in gatherings and brotherhood. The students shared recipes, stories, and lots of laughs. The group hiked up Red Pine mountain several times, and were able to witness some gorgeous views! They also got to work on lots of skills, including busting, carving spoons, and crafting other things out of wood. The week ended with a trail naming ceremony for “True Warrior”, and the distribution of several tokens to some outstanding members of the Brumbies.


Peak Week – Adventure Therapy @ outBACK

Highlights:  This week during peak week, we climbed at Shotgun Alley where every student attempted each climb that was set up. The next day we did a climb at Black Rocks Climbing Area before heading to Green River State Park. With each climb, the peak week crew faced emotions, patterns, and thought processes that parallel those they have experienced back at home; with friends, family members, and challenges they have come across in their daily lives. Being able to make these connections, be reminded of the skills and insights they have gained since being at outBACK and areas they can continue to focus on are always eye opening experiences that come as a result of the approach and attempts made through rock climbing. To cap off the week, we did our weekly sweat lodge, building a giant bon fire to heat the igneous rocks. Inside the lodge we talked about characteristics we want to shed, positive qualities we want to hold on to, and the trials and tribulations that we may face once we leave Outback.


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