Wilderness Weekly 12.16.2016


Lots of games were played this week, a favorite was an excellent game of Minefield. They also took turns being blindfolded to do blind trust exercises as a fellow group member led them through dead trees and sage bushes, which led to discussions of trust and leadership.

The full moon mixed with fog made Indian Mountain a brilliant site to behold, followed the next morning by stunning sunrise.                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Two of our Brumbies were honored with a Trail name this week.


A new Keet arrived to the group and was welcomed with open arms.

During a group session with the therapist the girls had a blast painting what their identity consisted of, their masterpieces were beautiful.

One cold night a Keet used the skills she has learned and busted a fire for the shelter stove so everyone could enjoy the now warm evening together.


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