Wilderness Weekly 12.17.21

Photo Credit: Wells Hall; Unsplash


This week, the Goannas were full of change, challenges, growth, and understanding. From saying goodbye to a few members, the change of seasons, and working through challenging hikes and weather events, the Goannas persevere and overcome all hurdles. Despite the cold, everyone found beauty in the snowfall, including taking advantage of the opportunity to go sledding, admiring the change of scenery, and breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. The group found support in one another and even accomplished several hikes throughout the expedition part of our week, safely navigating mud, tough terrain, and long distances. A path of two ways gathering provoked deeper vulnerabilities and understanding, helping each student gain new insight and awareness of self. Each individual had the opportunity to work on skills such as making fire, carving spoons, and sewing projects. There were also 6 tokens that students received, given to honor the different attributes seen in each individual: Winged Heart, Seeker, Openness, Solid Ground, and Peacewalker. Altogether the Goannas experienced new challenges but found inspiring new ways to overcome them. Each student brought their own authentic and genuine support to the group. Signing off with another successful week in the Goannas. 


The Pindaris started their week off by gaining a new member and welcoming them with open arms. During the week, there was a snow storm yet the group was resilient and able to hike through, feeling accomplished with their efforts despite its challenge. Over a period of the following two days, the group remained stationary to dry off and to create a strong group culture. Games of tag were played in the fresh snow. Soon after, they were up and ready to hike again and made strong pushes until the end. The Pindaris gained another new member who was excited to join and get the therapeutic knowledge that they needed. The group decided to do a morning meditation about the group pillars and boundaries so that they could continue to keep up resiliency. Respect and honesty have been top priorities this week–the leaders have been role modeling these attributes for new members of the group. Though they had their ups and downs throughout the week, the Pindaris continue to push through their personal differences. Continued communication, laughter, and cooperation have helped bring these members come together as one.


The Ulurus successfully navigated through their most challenging weather so far this week as they faced their first major snowfall and cold temperatures. Despite the elements, the group worked together to accomplish their daily tasks, making fire, and staying warm throughout it all. The group marveled at the beauty of the transformed desert landscape and the snow that covered all their surroundings, from the peaks of the mountains in the distance to the juniper and sage all around the campsite. They were even able to make time to work on skills such as carving spoons, busting coals, and sewing projects. Not content to remain stationary, the group spent time preparing themselves and their campsite to continue their hike during their expedition phase of the week. When the morning came, they met the chilly morning with confidence and determination and took down camp in record time, hiking across hills and roads through snow to arrive at a new campsite. To cap off the week, the group held a ceremony in which 6 tokens were given, including Peacewalker, Maker, True Speaker, Solid Ground, Vital Fire. Nearly every student was involved in either presenting or receiving a token.  It was the perfect way to cap off a week of new achievements and honoring students for leaning into the various challenges the group faced and navigating the journey of finding success.


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