Wilderness Weekly 12.22.2016


Two of the boys had parent visits and there were great intentional conversations that were used to strengthen family relationships.

A strong dad was brought to tears when he was presented with a Vital Fire token by his son in a beautiful token ceremony celebrating strengths.

This week the Brumbies were accompanied by a furry canine companion, Gumbo, and his presence was greatly appreciated by all. 



The Lorikeets stared in open mouth wonder at the blanket of white snow falling from the sky. They enjoyed foot races and games that kept them warm and smiling!

One of our beloved Lorikeets built a roaring, warm fire for food and comfort. This has become a skill that the Lorikeets have become well versed in and one commented that she felt one with the fire as if she could talk it to keep them warm and happy. The Sunsets over Indian Peak have become a great sight in the Lorikeet culture, sparking conversations and drawing exclamations of awe and wonder at the sight of the purple, gold, pink clouds as the sun sets.


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COVID-19 Update

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