Wilderness Weekly 12.29.17


The Dingos had an exciting and Ceremony-filled holiday week! Three of the Dingos received their trail-names: Effervescent Oyster, Playful Platypus, and Patient Vibration. Five of our boys also were honored with tokens; two students received tokens from a peer that was leaving (Seeker and Giver). Three other students received tokens from the group: Strong Cord, Openness, and Winged Heart.  Leadership was passed from a leaving Dingo to a new student who took on the responsibilities. Two of our boys finished the program, one boy had a Family Expo for two days, and we had one new Dingo join our group as a First Camper (two days in, and he’s already finished two spoons and a Keeper pouch!). For the holidays, the Dingos sang carols, decorated a Juniper tree, held a “Secret Leprechaun” gift exchange, shared stocking gifts, and baked cookies and sweet breads together. It was a game-filled, fun-filled week!



The Uluru tribe had an amazing Christmas week full of peak hikes and snowball fights, getting their ultimate wish of a white Christmas. During the beginning of the week, Ulurus ascended the mighty Round Top peak of the Davis Mountains and after taking in the awesome 360 views and honored each other by sharing what they were grateful for about each other. After this ceremony, they also honored one of their fellow Uluru members with the Brightness Token. On Christmas Eve, the Uluru hiked to their Christmas camp site in a blurry snow storm, and weathered the storm by opening one of their Christmas presents early: brand new overalls, and went to bed early anticipating what Santa would bring Christmas Day. As the Uluru awoke, they were pleasantly surprised with primitive beads and pouches to make personalized necklaces, rings, and bracelets; stockings filled with candy, snacks, and buffs! After enjoying the sunny Christmas morning, they spent the rest of the day having snowball fights and cooking the delicious Christmas group meal. The day after Christmas, the Uluru group day hiked to the tallest peak near the camp site and enjoyed more amazing views, ridge walked along the rim, and took pictures capturing the magical moment. After the Christmas festivities, the Uluru tribe got back into the Outback routine and spent the next few days hiking, being vulnerable, and honoring each other with the Making Amends and Solid Ground tokens. The Uluru combined the ceremony and expedition of the Backcountry to really make the most of the holidays.


This week was full of hikes, ceremonies and Christmas magic. The Gnowees went on 5 hikes this week and all did extremely well. We welcomed a new Gnowee to the group and she has been learning the ropes quickly. The Gnowees had a winter solstice ceremony as well as a trail naming and token ceremony where all the Gnowees received Vital Fire after enduring some challenging hikes and getting through the holidays with such positive spirits across the board. All the Gnowees received stockings that included candy canes, hand warmers, chocolate and headbands. We played lots of games this week including Cribbage and Ghost in the Graveyard, that the girls really enjoyed.


This week the Brumbies said goodbye to two of their senior members and Wise Wolf was chosen as our new leader. The boys had a great time cooking and enjoying a Christmas Feast after waking up to a scavenger hunt to find Christmas Stockings. The boys were also honored with a token ceremony for having great parent visits and are working toward establishing a healthy, inclusive culture.


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