Wilderness Weekly 12.8.17


This week the girls excelled in their personal growth. They did a lot of emotional work all while hiking miles through the winter desert. Three girls received tokens, honoring their maker, giver and community building qualities and two girls received their trail names, Loyal Wolf and Rising Moonlight. Two Gnowees had parent visits and were overjoyed to reconnect with their families. They had many moving gatherings and overall braved the cold with confidence and compassion for each other.


The week went really well! The boys were full of energy, and seemed to be having a lot of fun. We received three new campers and two are already out of first camp! We also had three parent visits and all the boys involved had a really great experience seeing their parents again.


The Brumbies enjoyed night time star and moon gazing this week and shared their knowledge and creativity with different constellations. They made great desert music but sharing in a bluey drum circle and with singing.
They also honored a fellow brother with his new trail name “Peaceful Blue-Jay.


This week the Uluru commenced their new group. Multiple students received tokens and trail names this week, and a few students got to see their parents during parent visits. We saw a beautiful collection of stars on many nights and worked hard together to prepare for a snowstorm that never came! The group worked through hard conflicts over sharing the work load and worked hard to bust fire together. On our last hike of the week, we set up on a hilltop with beautiful views of mountain ranges on all sides as the sun set.


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