Wilderness Weekly 12.8.2016

With the stars and partially eclipsed moon as witnesses, the Brumbies honored a member with a token recognizing him for his Brightness.   His face elaborately painted while compliments were accompanied by howling coyotes in the distance.

 With a mouthwatering group meal on the line, the Brumbies worked against the clock to make fire from tiny pieces of wood.  Teamwork and grit prevailed and the boys ate lavishly like kings.

 One student achieved that respect of the desert this week and joined the Brumbies clan with a trail name.  Peers cheered with the highest encouragement as honor was given.


A Dingo’s trail naming ceremony was a high point of his stay so far, as well as for a positive turn in the culture of trail naming ceremonies.

 Another Dingo’s morale shifted positively upon quickly learning to bust, and the group celebrated with him. One Dingo led a morning meditation incorporating his love for drawing, which the group responded very positively to.

 The group members excelled at setting up the group tent without any direction from staff and enjoyed being able to complete this task by themselves!


-The lorikeets had a magical experience this week when they stumbled upon a herd of wild horses while out exploring one day. 

-One of the Keets was delighted to have busted successfully 3 times this week after several weeks of hard work trying to get the skill perfected. 



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