Wilderness Weekly 2.1.19

Dingoes:  This week the Dingoes worked together to tighten up group chores and hikes with great success. They hiked three times this week and the group was even joined by their therapist for a hike on Sunday. They enjoyed several beautiful sites, sunsets and moments together.  Four of the Dingoes received their Trail-Names! At the end of the week they were rejoined by the members on Peak week; and Magical Peacock moved on to his next step in his journey by saying goodbye.

Gnowees: We had a great week in the Gnowees. We said goodbye to one of our “elder” students and welcomed in many new students. The new students are doing an excellent job with their First Camp skills: busting fire coals, making backpacks, learning to cook and explore new foods, and acclimating to desert life. The girls are doing a great job bonding and solidifying new group culture. They all continue to push themselves in many new ways, each of them excelling at their individual needs, communication styles, and working on the issues that brought them to Outback. We completed many of the girls’ first hikes and enjoyed watching them grow and develop in multiple regards. We really had fun playing in the snow and getting to know each other. The students are also excelling at supporting each other and extending sincere levels of kindness and compassion.

Brumbies: The Brumbies had a busy week and hiked four days in beautiful sunshine. They were extremely motivated to meet the fun busting challenge posed by their therapist, with the prize being supplies to make homemade French fries. They rose to the challenge with vigor and we had a big, happy group feast with real ketchup (quite a treat). Two Brumbies earned new tokens (Solid Ground and Strong Cord) and another Brumbie was given his trail name (Bright Bison).


Peak Week – Adventure Therapy @ outBACK

This week four students from the same group were able to enjoy new experiences together. We were able to leave our jackets in the van, while we climbed in the Spring-like temperatures of St. George. Plenty of other climbers were out enjoying the weather, allowing us to have plenty of positive interactions with people outside of Outback, and pet a few puppies.  While sitting around the campfire, we were able to process through some difficult feedback from peers, which promoted more clear communication throughout the week. Towards the end of our Peak Week we were able to slow things down mid-hike, and journal about our vision plans for our lives after Outback while enjoying the scenic views of Red Cliffs Canyon


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